Should I check out other LGV (HGV) driver training schools?

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The current economic climate is very competitive. Unfortunately some of our larger competitors have not been able to survive such conditions. Others are facing difficult times as they have huge financial costs relating to premises, administration and office costs – which ultimately they pass onto their customers. In such times, some organisations are inclined to use hard selling techniques to lock their customers. We would recommend that you do your research before choosing the right driver training school, check qualifications, the instructor and the vehicle- it is important that you “try before your buy”.

In today’s times, customer is the top priority for all business organizations. There is cut- throat competition in every sector, every industry. The fast paced economic times have not spared anyone, not even the transport and distribution industry, and schools who provide training in driving.

Due to the huge demand for trained drivers in the transport and logistics industry and the lack of the same, many people are considering taking it as a lucrative career option. There are many training institutes which provide, or at least claim to provide excellent courses in driving.

Level of competition

When you do your bit of research about a drivers’ training school before joining one, you are bound to get confused due to the numerous options available to you. Competitiveness is giving a tough time even to the large and famous players, let alone the smaller coaching institutes. The big institutes are fighting hard to maintain their top positions and customer loyalty towards their schools.

Then there are training institutes which are doing all that they can to remain in the market. They are spending plenty of money on their premises, administration and other necessary office expenses, just so that their reputation in the industry doesn’t go down sooner. However, the customers have to bear the brunt of this hike in expenses, since these training schools tend to pass on the burden of their costs to the students in the form of increased course fees.

The third type of institutes are those that go out of their way in using hardcore selling techniques, just to make sure that their customers don’t wander away to another training school. They cannot afford to lose out on their market share else they will be forced to shut down.

What to do now?

To clear out the confusion in your mind, you should do ample research about the driving training schools, because at the end of the day, it is your future, your money and your career. Make sure you compare the schools carefully and consider all parameters such as instructor qualifications, condition of vehicles, past history about the institute and its students, etc.