The D4 – Medical Form

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TheD4 has to be completed by a doctor and you should ensure that all the relevantquestions are completed.The doctor will normally charge you for completing theform.It is also necessary to returnoriginal documentation confirming your identity, a passport style colourphotograph and your current paper or photo-card driving licence.

Thereis no fee required for the application.The address to send this information isDVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BR or you may be able to use the premium checking service.

DVLA Form Ordering Service

Identity Documents and Photograph Criteria

Premium Checking Service

Ifyou now have a paper licence, you must send both your photo-card and paperlicence.

Driving a large vehicle such as buses or cargo vehicles is very risky and calls for qualified and trained drivers. Given the fact that many road accidents occur because of reckless driving, the European Union has decided to employ only those drivers who have a valid driving license and are professionally trained. However, if someone is between 15 ½ and 18 years of age and still wants to drive commercial vehicles, he can get a provisional license after completing a few formalities.

With the help of a provisional license, you take the first step towards driving large goods vehicles and passenger carrying vehicles. You just need to fill in the application form D2 and a medical form D4.

The Medical Form

An important step in obtaining the provisional license is filling up the medical form D4. The form needs to be filled by a doctor only, and you must take care that all the relevant questions in the form are rightly answered by the doctor. To get this work done, you would normally have to pay a small fee to the doctor, although there is no fee for buying the application form.

Along with the form, you must necessarily return the original documents confirming your identity, a passport size color photograph and your current valid paper or photo- card driving license. The filled form and the stated documents can be sent to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BR or you can use the premium checking service.

Acceptable identity documents:

  • UK Biometric Passport, where you have your photograph and signature on the same page.
  • Valid current passport.
  • A UK certificate of naturalization.
  • A biometric residence permit (earlier known as identity card for foreign nationals).

Pensioners can send in either of the following:

  • A bank or building society statement (not more than 3 months old) stating the pension payment and National Insurance number.
  • BR2102, BR2103 and BR5899 letters as proof of eligibility for the State Pension.

If you complete the medical form and other formalities as required, you can easily obtain your provisional driving license for LGVs and PCVs.