When to expect your licence

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DVLA aims to deliver your driving licence to you within three weeks of receiving your application. It will take longer if your health or personal details have to be checked. When your licence is issued it will now have a number of added security features. One of the main differences being a laser engraved black and white photograph.

For a driver to drive commercially, be it buses, coaches or heavy goods vehicles, he must hold a valid license. Following the directives issues by the European Union, every driving professional must have a formal training in driving such large vehicles, before he actually sets off to drive them on the roads. An untrained and amateur driver can wreak havoc on the roads because of his recklessness.

Provisional License

A person between the age of 15 ½ and 18 years might wish to drive these heavy vehicles as the first step to commercial or professional driving. And to be able to do so, he must have a provisional license in his name, which has added restrictions besides those imposed on adults for driving. Until the driver reaches 18 years of age and passes all the necessary tests required for completion of the training, he must have the provisional license with him all the time.

While applying for a provisional license to drive large and heavy vehicles, you must fill in 2 important forms- the application form D2 and the medical report form D4. The forms can be ordered online, or can be bought from GP Training offices. The latter form has to be filled by a doctor with much careful consideration.

Time taken for receiving the license

Once you submit your duly filled forms, along with the other documents and photographs as required, the license distribution process starts. The DVLA aims to provide you with your driving license within three weeks from the date of receiving your application form and documents. However, the process may take time if the following issues crop up:

  • The form takes time to reach the DVLA administration.
  • Your health and personal details take longer than usual to get verified.

Your provisional license gets issued with a number of added security features. A sharp differentiation is that of the black and white photograph which is laser engraved.

Once you get your provisional license, you can start training in driving large vehicles such as cargo vehicles and buses without breaking road safety rules.