Why should I choose GP Training?

Book with GP Training and benefit from a timely and efficient service.

GP Training do not have any trainee instructors conducting our LGV (HGV) training courses. All instructors are fully qualified and members of the Driver Standards Authority and carry a valid identification in our vehicles at all times. We do have any hidden costs. We do not provide standardized courses in a fixed time period. We do offer flexibility in the times of the training to fit around your home or work lives. We do not take any deposits upfront or ask you to sign up to costly credit schemes. We ask customers to Pay As You Learn.

Our training programmes are designed around your ability to learn – you may only need a couple of days training!! Why side up for more when less could get you the LGV (HGV) licence you require.

Driving as a profession is very promising, provided you are dedicated and sincere in your job. It calls for great responsibility on the part of the driver, since a lot of lives are dependent on him. A bus or coach driver is responsible for safely carrying the passengers from one place to another, at the same time maintaining road safety rules.

An untrained driver can cause heavy damage to the people around him, whether in the bus or outside it. Similarly, a driver carrying valuable cargo in a large goods vehicle is accountable for the safety of the items and he must ensure that his recklessness does not result in loss for the person shipping and receiving the cargo. Today, there is a huge demand for trained drivers in the transport and distribution industry across UK and Europe.

Why train at GP Training?

GP Training is one of the best driving schools where you can receive quality training in driving and get a head- start to your career. You will receive the following benefits by becoming a student of GP Training:

  • The course is not rigid in terms of its structure and duration. Rather, it is designed to be very flexible for the students, so that they can balance their home or work life and yet train in driving. Also, you get both theoretical and practical training, thus making you better equipped with the nuances of driving commercially.
  • The instructors are highly experienced and trained in their field, and are qualified members of the Driver Standards Authority. They always carry their valid identification proofs while training the students.
  • There is no system of cash deposits or hidden costs while you train at GP Training. You just need to “Pay As You Learn”.
  • The training programmes are designed around your driving abilities. You might just need a couple of days only, or it could take you more than a month to complete your training.

After completing your training in driving large goods vehicle or heavy goods vehicle, you can easily obtain your LGV license and get started with a lucrative career opportunity.