Why should I book a free LGV (HGV) assessment?

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The free driver training assessment enables the instructor to conduct a review on your ability to drive the vehicle. Based on the assessment the instructor will be able to plan a programme around any areas of development. It also enables the customers to get comfortable with both the instructor and the LGV (HGV) vehicle. If both parties are agreed the training can commence. GP Training do not believe in hard selling techniques and would encourage customers to test the market before making any training commitments and especially before parting with your money.

The huge demand for qualified drivers in the transport and logistics industry across UK and Europe has resulted in a number of people considering driving as a lucrative career option. The thrill of driving large goods vehicles and passenger carrying vehicles is something which attracts people to this job. There are fair chances of high salary once you have become an experienced driver. Also, the opportunity to travel across different places seems exciting.

However, one must not forget that this job calls for great responsibility since it is the matter of life and death for people (in case of passenger vehicles) and immense value (in case of goods vehicle). Hence, it is always advisable to train in driving from a reputed institute and acquire excellent skills in the same. GP Training offers high quality training courses in driving, especially large goods vehicles and passenger carrying vehicles.

Free Driver Training Assessment

Before enrolling for a course at the institute, it would be in your best interest to go for a free driver training assessment. This would help you in the following ways:

  1. The instructor gets to know about your driving abilities, whether or not you can drive any vehicle at all or not.
  2. Your course duration and fees is designed around your capabilities and which areas of driving should the instructor aim to improve.
  3. A free driving training assessment establishes a comfort level between the prospective student and the instructor and makes things easier when the actual training sessions begin.
  4. It helps you, as a future student, compare the course quality at GP Training and other competing institutes and then take an informed decision regarding where to enroll.

Among the many better features of GP Training is the transparency and flexibility it provides to its students. It does not engage in any forceful selling techniques, unlike many other training schools, and relies on the fact that people buy what they get. Hence, students are always advised and encouraged to do plenty of research and find out which of the schools satisfy their parameters before actually taking admission in one.