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A complete guide to driver CPC module 2

As per the direction of EU, all the professional drivers of coaches, buses, minibuses and other passenger carrying vehicles along with the LGV vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes must undergo the Driver CPC training. The CPC stands for the Driver certificate for professional competence. It is an essential requirement for obtaining the Driver Qualification Card. It has been introduced into the EU for the improvement and also the maintenance of the professional standards of drivers driving their vehicles commercially, for the improvement of the overall road safety and thereby the image of the transportation industry.

All the professional drivers driving the commercial vehicles and those who have passed their driving test before January 1997, can continue with their services but must also undergo a periodic training for 35 hours on driver CPC within every 5 years. All the new drivers on the other hand driving the vehicles in the categories of D1, D+E, D1+E or D or the C1, C, C+E, C1+ E after September 2009 must pass 4 driver CPC modules in order to drive their vehicles commercially. Those four modules are as follows:

Module 1- Theory Test, Module 2- CPC Case Study, Module 3- Practical Driving Test, and Module 4- Practical Demonstration Test.

The initial qualification for Driver CPC

This involves 4 hours of theory testing and also 2 hours of practical testing. There is also extra testing for 2.5 hours of theory and another 30 minutes of practical testing. The tests are equivalent to NVQ level 2. The syllabus of the Driver CPC has the Theory test that is again classified into three parts namely the Module 1a, module 1b and module 2.

The driver CPC module 2 contains the driver CPC case studies. Apart from the driving license, you must also obtain the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence initial qualification certification in case you want to take up driving on a professional level and wish to drive a bus, coach or a lorry. Once you qualify in this certification, you will also get a driver qualification card which you must keep handy at all the times while you are driving professionally.

There are several modules for the driver CPC qualifications and this one discus the CPC module 2.

The initial driver CPC qualification module 2 is all about the case studies. It is very similar to the theory test and is carried out online. It will take you around one and a half hours for completing the test. It contains seven case studies and each of these case studies will have around 6 to 8 questions that you must answer. Each of the case studies are also based completely on the real life situations that you are going to face in all probability while working.

The pass marks for the CPC module 2 is 40 and the maximum that you can achieve is 50. If however you already have a driver CPC for a category of vehicle, and wish to take the test for another category, you must take a part two case study and the conversion test. This will have 10 case studies and 50 questions in total.

The case studies are designed in such a manner that they test the knowledge on driving along with the comprehension and the application of your knowledge. The total driver CPC qualification has 4 modules and all of them must be passed in order to obtain the certification.

The involvement of the DSA

The DSA implement the Driver CPC on behalf of the Department of the Transport. And you cannot work as a professional driver unless you are exempted under special circumstances from undergoing the Driver CPC training. You must also remember that this periodic training also has an impact on all those drivers who needs to renew their vocational license because of reasons like health and age.

Rules for implementing Driver CPC

This training applies to all the EU member states and thus all drivers must qualify in order to drive professionally. The vehicles that are used for the initial qualification of the driver CPC training must satisfy the minimum standards required for the vocational driving test.

N/SVQs support the initial Driver CPC training

Initial CPC can be aligned with the NVQ. Only the JAUPT approved training courses are counted as the periodic training.

The syllabus of initial Driver CPC qualification

There are three main subject groups-

  • Application of the regulations
  • Advanced training in rational driving depending on the safety regulations
  • Environmental safety and health roads, services and logistics.
  • Periodic training can also be obtained via the online training when overseen by a supervisor trainer with the help of a training tool. If you drive both the PCV and the LGV vehicles professionally, you need not undergo the driver CPC training twice and instead one complete course of 35 hours will suffice.

    The CPC training can be carried out flexibly like you can complete the two day course in first year and a three day course in the fifth year. Once you complete all the modules for the initial Driver CPC, you will be issued the driver qualification card.

    The trainers providing the training for the driver CPC qualification must have complete knowledge of the teaching methods and also the subject matters. They must also provide the proper certification of complete experience as professional drivers.

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