Driver CPC Training

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A complete guide to Driver CPC module 4

The Driver CPC training is designed for the professional LGV drivers in UK. It is developed as per the directives of the EU 2003/59 and is designed for the overall improvement of the skills and also the knowledge of the professional drivers who drive the LGV vehicles. There are two categories in the legislation of the Driver CPC training and they are:

  • The initial qualification which must be obtained by the new drivers of LGV Vehicles along with their vocational license in order to drive commercially and professionally.
  • 35 hours of periodic training every 5 years must also be attended by the professional drivers across UK.
  • The periodic training is meant for continuation of the professional development of the lorry drivers and carries on for the entire professional career of the driver.

    There are four modules of Driver CPC of which the two are same as the tests that you must take for obtaining the license for LGV. The four modules are:

  • Theory Tests: it is similar to the theory tests for the LGV License.
  • CPC Case Study test
  • Driving ability test: it is also similar to the practical test that you take for the LGV License.
  • Driver CPC Demonstration test
  • The Driver CPC module 4 which is the demonstration tests enables you to learn about the ways to keep your vehicle safe and secure on the road. This test will ask you about

  • The mandatory checks that you should make before driving your LGV on the road, and also how to use your vehicle safely.
  • How to load your vehicle in a safe and secured manner
  • Checking that must be done for the risks associated with the trafficking and other criminal acts.
  • Assessment of the risks and the emergencies.
  • What is the pass mark for the test and how long is the test duration?

    The test is for the duration of 30 minutes and you must score at least 80 out of 100 marks with at least 15 out of 20 for each area of topic.

    Do you have to take this test even if you do not want to drive professionally?

    If you do not wish to professionally drive, then you can only sit for the Modules 1 and 3 while you can take the tests on modules 2 and 4 later. You must also take the theory modules prior to taking the practical tests.

    Where can you apply for the test?

    To book the Driver CPC module 4 tests, you can complete the application form that is available online or you can visit us at GP training for the same. We offer excellent training in LGV driving training and can also prepare you for the driver CPC initial qualification tests. All our trainers are approved by the DSA and we offer training in several different languages apart from English.

    If you wish to download the application form from the web for appearing at the Driver CPC module 4 test, you can make your payments by postal order or cheques that are payable to the DSA.

    What is the cost for the test? What are the documents needed for the test?

    The practical demonstration test for driver CPC module can be appeared for at reasonable price. To appear for this test, you must hold a valid driving license in UK and also have passed the driver CPC module 2 Case studies. While appearing for this test, you also must carry the appointment letter, the pass certificate for the module 2 theory tests, the driving license and also the vehicle road worthiness test certificates wherever applicable along with a photo identity. For details you can get in touch with us at GP training.

    Are you allowed to take both the tests on the same day?

    If you wish, you can take both the module 3 and 4 tests on the same day and can also use the same vehicle for taking both the tests as long as the vehicle meets the set standards of the Minimum Test Vehicle requirements.

    How can GP training help?

    You can also obtain the training from us at GP training. We provide all the study materials, books and CDs along with online and also classroom based coaching in different languages. For more details, please contact us at GP training.