B+E Licence Training Test

The process of acquiring Training & Test License

A car license holder post the year 1997 need to go for the trailer training and DSA driving test so as to acquire B+E Entitlement. This allows you to drive a vehicle till 3.5 tones and the gross vehicle weight (gvw) along with 750 kgs GVW trailer though this may or may not as big enough as for your requirement. However, in order to abide rule, towing under provisional license is not permissible.

Training Vehicle

Once you pass B+E test in support of our manual gear box car and trailer,you are allowed to drive car or van upto maximum weight of 3.5 tons i.e 3500 kg(MAM) clubbed to a trailer weighing 750 kgs.B+E Entitlement gives you the privilege to drive unladen vehicle that is coupled with a trailer with a MAM more than your vehicle.

GP Training conducts B+E Car and Trailer Van and Trailer training

GP Training institute are giving us the opportunity to learn and get our training in different languages other than English for our convenient understanding since all the expertise trainers and instructors are multilingual with DSA approved certifications.

The B+E Entitlement test are held at LGV Driving test centers and is taken care by the senior DSA Examiners. It sets a standard that gives you an opportunity to gain higher driving skill set since the test conducted is way ahead than any ordinary car driving test.

At the course of training, you get an idea how to club and uncouple the trailer from the vehicle according to the correct sequence that the senior examiners expect you to learn. We provide training on loading and unloading trailers ,the correct what to place the load in the trailer which helps in secured positioning and loading with detail knowledge on the joint points and load securing straps

Training time and cost

We suggest for the DRIVING ASSESSMENT where we have share pools of instructors who will advise you for your best interest after evaluating your driving skills and past driving experience. Thereby he will conclude what training and certifications you need to pass and we can quote on that basis of your requirement.