B+E Trailer Practice

GP driver training centre offers you the techniques of B+E Trailer Practise.

At our training centres we provide the Towing Familiarisation Sessions; as such some new B+E licence holders or relatively new to towing caravans, or maybe thinking about towing a caravan for the first time. So our training is beneficial even though you have the licence to drive this combination.

GP driver training centre can offer a familiarisation lesson including instruction and demonstration with practical wheel time on the road using your vehicle and training, with appropriate insurance, for using our car and trailer.

Our Practical Caravanning Familiarisation Course lasts for up to three hours in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. We impart the training sessions in different languages other than English. The syllabus is taught by experienced, qualified, multilingual and DSA approved instructors at our Wembley Training Centre and covers instruction and practice in:

  • Process to understand loading and its effects in towing
  • Safely and efficiently hitching up and towing
  • The B+E test is becoming more and more relevant to caravanners as the caravans are continuing to become heavier. Nowadays people are wishing to tow a combined weight of more than 3,500kg so they need to check that they have this entitlement before setting out.

    If you obtained your car licence after January 1997, you will need to acquire B+E entitlement as new drivers may drive a vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight (GVW) with a 750kgs GVW trailer which is far smaller than a caravan. If anybody possess 4x4s and other larger recreational vehicles weighing nearly 3,000kg themselves, it is likely that many of them could be affected and may need to take a test to obtain C1+E entitlement.

    Kindly get in touch with us for getting details about our training and B+E driving tests. We are always ready to suffice your needs.