B+E Trailer Practice

LGV C/ HGV 2 up to 32 tonnes

You can have the LGV C license once you are 18 or more years of age. This license can enable you to drive any rigid Lorries that are up to 32 tonnes of weight. For this, you need not pass the LGV C1 , 7.5 tonne test. After completing the LGV C, you will have both the C and the C1.

After you pass the C, you can go for the LGV C+E. You can either choose the back to back course or opt for the Articulated Vehicles and the Drawbar combination vehicles of 44 tonnes training in future.

We have qualified DSA and RTITB approved instructors and training fleet from the Mercedes Atego’s & Daf LF 55 series. These factors enable you to:

  • Use the vehicles with easy to use controls with simple speed of 6 and 8 gearboxes, all round visibility that is excellent along with a smooth ride.
  • Adjustable power assisted steering and the steering wheel which results in great maneuverability and compact turning circle.
  • Suspended cloth seats and air conditioned vehicle with safety belts.
  • Low noise levels, low pollution engines that are in compliance with the London Emission Zone.
  • All the vehicles are regularly maintained well at the service centers that are approved thereby ensuring you of the highest standards of comfort and also safety.
  • Our LGV C and C+E driving training courses are available at all locations in London and also around M25. Find the location that is closer to you for obtaining the LGV training.

    Do you need a provisional LGV License?

    There are guidance notes available with us that you can see to know and understand how to apply for the provisional license. You can also request for an application form.

    Are you looking for help to pass the Hazard perception and the Multiple choice tests?

    We have in offer the QUICK START PACKAGE that you can avail. It is arranged along with a medical learning material and will cost you £100. There are also available the online learning materials and the CD ROMS and DVDs. Check out our LGV Theory Test page.

    Are you ready yet to arrange the theory tests?

    You can click here to book the theory tests. You have to browse through the website twice, once for the arrangement of the multiple choice appointment and secondly for the hazard perception. You can also take both the tests on the same day by booking the MC test first and then opt for the HP test along side of the appointment. The MC test will last you for 1 hour 55 minutes and the HP test will last you for 40 minutes approximately.

    When can you start the driver training? How much does it cost? How much training do you need to undergo?

    As soon as you get your provisional license, we would recommend you to get a DRIVING ASSESSMENT that will last for an hour approximately. When an instructor assesses your driving skills, we would be able to advise you on the kind of training that you would need to pass and only then can we quote you the price for the training (the price would be not only for C but for C+E as well if you are interested in the Back to Back training). You can also ask for the Pass protection service.

    To arrange for the assessment lesson, all you have to do is give us a call or contact us through the contact page online.

    When can you get a driving job?

    If you do not already have the C1, you will also need to hold two other tests before starting with a driving job. The Practical Demonstration test that is necessary for the Driver Qualification Card and also the Driver CPC Case Study Theory Test. Both these tests are necessary for you to work as a paid driver. You can click on the Driver CPC Initial Qualification for more details on the same.

    If you have obtained your PCV test in the EU like Romania, Poland or Portugal..

    And are looking for a driving opportunity in the UK, you would need to obtain the Driver CPC Driver Qualification Card. We can help you obtain the same with our special packages that are on offer for the Case Study Theory and also the Practical Demonstration Tests that can also be arranged soon so that you do not get delayed in starting with the work.

    (Such packages are also available for the clients who are new to GP Training).

    If you have passed your car test before January 1997 in UK, you would also have to furnish the 35 hours of Driver CPC Periodic Training that must be completed by September 2014. Since we are an accredited driver Training school, YOUR LORRY DRIVER TRAINING HOURS ALSO GETS COUNTED TOWARDS THE DRIVER CPC TRAINING HOURS.

    When you get a job and start working, make sure that over the next five years you obtain the Driver CPC Periodic Training. We offer that too and for more information on the same, check the Future Career and Jobs page.

    Call or click on the Make Booking Now for the arrangement of the Assessment lesson or you can ask for our information pack too.