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Pass Protection

How can you be certain that you would pass the test?

We are DSA and RTITB accredited training provider and you can get experienced, professional and also qualified instructors who can teach you the various aspects of training and also help you obtain the licence.

Secondly, we are a family run school since 1963 and have a long term reputation that we hold dear. We want our clients to be satisfied and return to us for different training programs and also recommend us to their acquaintances in return.

We will try our level best to provide you with the best service and help you pass the driving test at the first attempt.

We guarantee you to teach everything that is required for you to pass the driving test. For this you must also follow the instructions and the recommendations of the instructors. But there is no guarantee that you would not make a mistake once in a while during the training so you must follow the recommendations provided by the GP Training School of Transport:

We provide a one to one 2 hour lesson and the training vehicle for the test for HALF PRICE!

When you book the training courses that are ideally recommended by us, we are certain that only a handful of people would need to retake the test thus we too can afford to reduce the fees for the training.

If you indeed need to attend a test more than once, we will take care of your needs and arrange for the test soon while your training is still fresh.

We do not ask for the Pass Protection money up front, in advance during the training. You only need to buy the Pass Protection service if you think you need it.

You along with your qualified and experienced instructor are working diligently to achieve the passing of the test for the first time. And when you pass for the first time, you will be glad that you did not spend the money upfront or bought a non refundable protection plan that you did not need at all.

On the road to success- GP Training School of Transport