LGV Training London

C1 Ambulance & Paramedics Drivers

You would at least need an LGV C1 entitlement if you are thinking of a career as a paramedic or are considering joining the Ambulance service. In some regions, you would also need a PCV D1 entitlement.

For prospective ambulance personnel and paramedics, the 5, 7 and 10 day courses we offer are discounted specially.

We could advise you on the course duration that would be ideal for you through a simple on-road driving assessment or a telephonic questionnaire. The C1’s – Ford Transits and 5.5 Renault Mascots we provide are ideal vehicles for training.

  • Car like handling and controls with anti-lock hydraulic brakes.
  • Perfectly complete visibility as well as compact dimensions makes driving hazards while negotiating extremely easy.
  • And we can also help you if for patient transfer, you need D1, minibus

  • We have our minibus specially selected as a vehicle for training.
  • A gearbox with five-speed and also 12 seats
  • Similar handling benefits like our C1 – anti-lock hydraulic brakes as well as other controls and handling like cars, with compact dimensions and perfectly complete visibility that makes negotiating driving perils much easier.
  • Need help with starting?

    We would gladly send you the forms required for applying to Provisional License for FREE along with a leaflet with information about our FREE Special Introductory Day (designed along with the London Ambulance Service) or you can also click here to order forms from DVLA.

    We can also help you in passing your theory test by offering you a supply of theory books, DVD, online learning options and CD ROM. We can arrange for your theory test appointments as well unless you want to visit the DSA website and arrange yourself.

    Please call us and mention Paramedic/ Ambulance to receive discounts