LGV Training London

LGV C1 Truck License

With this license you would be able to choose from a wide range of job opportunities. The reason is that with this license you would be able to drive any van and truck that is above 3500 kg to 7.5 tonne of weight.

One of the most chosen job is that of a multi-drop driver. For this particular role, you would need to have a superior idea of your locality and as per the norm, you should be able to carry goods, boxes and anything with around 25 drop offs per day.

We provide C1 vehicles that are at the lower end of the spectrum of weight and size, making it cheaper, quicker as well as easier for you to pass the test.

The vehicles we use for training meet all the requirements of DSA with the benefit of being maneuverable since it is small with simplified gears and controls. If, however, you wish to drive a 7.5 tonne and full sized vehicle after you pass your C1 test, we would provide a free training with our LGV C vehicle such that you can have familiarity with the air brakes.

The process of getting your C1 license is similar to all LGV: you need to obtain the provisional entitlement, sit for the DSA theory tests, complete your driver’s training to pass your driving test and also complete your Initial Driver CPC.

A few drivers, though, like to leap over the C1 and get straight to the LGV C.

But is means that you would need to take more training since you would drive a larger and a more complicated vehicle. Hence it would not only take more time but you would need to invest more too. But if the final goal you are looking to is achieving C + E after completing C, it would be better for you to opt for the larger vehicle from the start as it would save you from having to undergo a lot of training to reach there.

You can arrange for a lesson of assessment for trying out the vehicles or you can also call us to have a talk.

So………….if you’re still unsure if you are making the right choice in your LGV (HGV) training provider – call us on 020 8819 0000 and book a free assessment right now – you won’t be disappointed.