LGV Training London

Driving training for Luxury Motor Homes and Recreational Vehicles

There have been immense developments in the luxurious RV’s, there are many such clients who contact us often when they figure out that their car license will not allow them to drive the RVs since they are heavier and also bigger.

Most of the American, some of the British and other European Touring Motor Homes are heavier than 3.5 tonnes and thus you must have the Category C1 in order to drive them. It can be a problem if you have the UK license that is obtained after January 1997.

According to the DVLA guidance leaflet:

When you are driving the motor home, the maximum authorized mass that is relevant to the driving entitlement (the total mass of the load of the vehicle and the maximum load that it is able to carry), you need to:

  • To drive a motorhome that has a maximum authorized mass between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes, you must obtain a C1 license.
  • For any other motorhome that has a maximum authorized mass of more than 7.5 tonnes, you need to obtain the C license.
  • If you are planning to visit all over Britain or abroad, you might have to miss out on the excellent features of the RVs and the luxurious appointments, to something that is just about bigger than the Camper Van. It can be difficult for you especially when you need extra space for helping people with any kind of mobility problems or disabilities.

    GP Training School of Transport offers C1 training with specially selected vehicles that are also rather simple to drive. See ourC1 training page on the website to know complete details about our training programs. The information available on the website can guide you about your next move in driving training and the test.

    We will teach you to pass your test and also cover such topics like how to drive economically and save fuel, which is something that the DSA driving Examiners also mention during the test.

    If you are considering towing a jet ski or a boat or a bigger trailer with a small car next to your RV, you would also have to take a further test. We also offer training for the C1+E and B+E (and also the C+E if you have a bigger trailer)

    If you are looking for further details, give us a call or contact us through the website and we will guide you with the training programs.